ROMC Fund is offered by Offering Memorandum directly to "Accredited Investors.

ROMC Trust

ROMC Trust is offered by Prospectus to investors through their brokerage or other investment accounts.
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The information contained on this website does not represent a solicitation. ROMC Fund is a non-reporting investment fund, offered by offering memorandum. ROMC Trust is a reporting issuer mutual fund, offered by prospectus. Information about ROMC Fund, including management fees and other expenses, is contained in ROMC Fund's annual letters. Information about ROMC Trust is available on SEDAR ( Please read all manner of information available through this website prior to considering a participation in ROMC Fund or ROMC Trust. An investment in ROMC Fund or ROMC Trust is not guaranteed; their unit values and investment returns will fluctuate. Performance data shown is historic and is not indicative of future performance. Any form of data provided by the manager is thought to be accurate but that cannot be guaranteed.